Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Do you use CRC or other techniques to make the product lighter in color?

          While we love bright colored dabs as much as the next person, we will never sacrifice flavor for color! We do not use CRC or other color changing techniques. 

          While other companies will harvest 2-3 weeks early so that the underdeveloped trichomes are still clear, we believe in capturing the integrity of perfectly finished cannabis. As the plant reaches peak maturity, the broadest spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are present. Simultaneously, the trichomes change to milky white to amber at this time which will lead to yellow, orange or amber hues in the finished extract.

          CRC (Color Remediation Column) is becoming an increasingly common way to manipulate low quality cannabis to appear premium by changing the color to white or bright yellow through a bleaching process. The process uses inline filters filled with chemical clays to remove plant compounds that contribute to the darker colors that can occur in extracts (particularly old, heat-damaged or sun-exposed trim), allowing manufacturers to sell low quality trim under the guise of a live resin project. As the extract is pushed through a series of color bleaching clays, it not only exposes the cannabis to harsh, untested, hazardous chemicals but also strips the extract of much of its flavor.

  • What is the difference between consistencies?

          The extraction process for all consistencies is the same; same temperature, solvents, and source material. The different consistencies are produced in the “post-processing” phase. After extraction, we can manipulate the external conditions to create different textures to highlight the unique profile of each strain and allow our fans to try products in their favorite form. While they are different consistencies, chemically the product is nearly identical. Diamonds and sauce allow smokers to customize the THCa to HTE (high terpene extract) ratio with each dab but are slightly harder to manage. Badders and sugars are more easily partitioned into even dab sizes and is uniform throughout the jar.

  • What temperature do you recommend for dabbing?

          We recommend dabbing at 500-580 degrees on a quartz banger. The best experience can be achieved by using an IR temp thermometer to get an accurate reading. Smaller dabs and strains with a lower cannabinoid content and higher terpene ratio should be vaporized at lower temps, while larger, more potent dabs should be consumed at higher temps.

  • What does full spectrum mean and are your extracts full spectrum?

          Yes - our extracts are full spectrum. Full spectrum cannabis oil captures the same ratios of terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids as found naturally in the cannabis plant. The cannabinoid and terpene spectrum is very diverse, contributing to a variety of effects. During the extraction process it is important to capture the wide array of compounds in amounts as they are found in the plant so you can get the full experience that nature intended.

  • Are your products all cannabis derived?

          Our extract line is 100% cannabis derived! Our vaporizer line uses botanical terpenes that are selected to match the unique profile of each legendary cannabis strain without sacrificing flavor. Our all natural terpenes are safe and healthy to consume while allowing for an affordable and consistent experience.

  • Why did you choose the PAX hardware for your vaporizer?

          We use the Pax hardware platform as it is the most technologically advanced vaporizer device on the market. Unlike most hardware that heats up as you inhale and cools as you draw less, Pax is always within 1 degree of its setting - regardless of whether you are just inhaling or have been for 10 seconds! It automatically accounts for outdoor temperature, wind, strength of inhale and a variety of other conditions to ensure that the temperature remains consistent to perfectly capture the terpene profile.

  • What type of extraction method do you use?

          We use butane extraction (BHO) to make our flavorful and potent extracts. Since our equipment operates at a lower pressure than CO2, it is a gentler process for stripping the cannabis of its terpenes and cannabinoids without capturing all the chlorophyll, fats and lipids that make other extracts have that generic, green cannabis taste. This results in extracts that have a full spectrum flower-like high, taste and aroma.