At Headstash, we create
 clean, simple and potent products for the everyday cannabis lover.


We balance the highest quality inputs and production standards with a commitment to affordability. 


Enjoy our flavorful, simple and strong extracts as a jarred concentrate or Pax pod.




Our high potency, terpene rich concentrates make for a delicious, full spectrum dab. Available in a wide variety of ever-changing strains, you can find our selectively curated flavors in multiple consistencies including sugars, sauces and badders. 


Our Pax pods combine triple-distilled 90%+ THC cannabis oil with naturally-derived terpenes. We never add any fillers or additives to ensure you have a clean, consistent and potent smoking experience.


We pride ourselves on providing clean, Californian cannabis.

All of our products are ALWAYS made in-house so we can guarantee their integrity.

Cannabis is sourced from farms in Monterey, Santa Cruz and Mendocino that use all natural cultivation techniques.

We use medical grade solvents for our Extraction and distillation processes and all batches exceed state safety standards and have third party compliance tests available via our Contact Page.



We are committed to having California's most affordable Live Resin and Pax pods.

We know that with taxes and increased regulatory costs, cannabis has become expensive! 

We're doing our part to ensure you can always have the best Headstash!